I am so blessed! 🙏👌😁🇺🇬❤️

Here are some photosDinner in Jinja on Sunday.This is the lady’s toilet at the ‘hotel’/Guesthouse we are staying at.

Meet Bob! He has been dangling from the roof in my bathroom since we arrived. 😂The shower.. Need I say more?!? 😳🙈

Oranges African style 😁👌Water transport…Papaya from the garden next to the orphanage. We bought some delicious pineapple from some people selling pineapples and watermelons on the side road.IBRA training program for QuickGospel. My other new roommate – GekkoLars🦎Out in the fields to have a look at what they are growing themselves 👏 On their way to getting self sufficient . Mother and her baby on the fields working❤️Prossy (the wife of the pastor couple I am going to live with for a while here in Kamuli) 😊 Here she is in the potato field. Sweet potato from our own field. They are huge and tasty!Wandering through one of our corn fields (or maize fields as they call it.The maize fieldA bad day to be wearing sandals! Had to get the antibac out and wash my feet with it so I don’t get bilharziasis.It was extremely hot that day. This is one of three fish ponds which Fred (the pastor) has made. This is one of the ways for the orphanage to get self sufficient.Jack fruit- still haven’t tasted it.. Should I? Leave a comment with your answer 😊One of my many new neighbours when I move into the bungalow on Fred and Prossy’s property… 🙈😜😂

Spikey the spider 🕷It is huge!