These are bats (flaggermus) and they are normally  in this tree or circling it everyday during the daytime, which I find strange as they are a night animal.








When an airplane flew over the school the other day – The kids came running out of their classrooms to have a look. This is the same school which I have been asked to help organise the library and to get the students to read for pleasure. That is not a simple task!









When you´re wearing a rain coat and boots and the sun appears and you´re sweating like crazy. Even though it is raining it is very humid, 91% humidity at times. It gets very hot and sticky..







I have taught the family I live with to bake bread. The bread we can get hold of here in Uganda are light bread (loff) and it´s not nutritious at all! No we have bread with wholegrain oats (havre gryn), a darker flour than the normal flour (tror det er lys sammalt hvete, men ikke godt å si for de aner ikke hva grovt mel er her..). But even though we were lacking a lot of the equipment we managed to make tasty bread. The family liked it as well. Quoting Fred: Now we don´t want to go back to the light bread we can buy in the shop. This is so much better.








We went to Kampala last week (about 3,5 hours drive one way) and then we got some equipment for my bungalow, Amongst it was a fridge. Yay!








These are passionfruit seeds, which Cristina, aka Tintin, brought from the Philippines for me to try and grow here in Kamuli. Yes, they do have passion fruits here as well, but these are already dried and prepared for growing 🙂








This is the sign for the Home, orphanage. I will be spending a lot of time here, and I can´t wait! <3





This is from the Birthday Party that we had for all the kids. Because many of them don´t know when they are born, we celebrate everyone on the same day and have a massive party for them. In this picture the children have prepared a few dances and some Scripture readings. I am so happy that they have a better chance in life, with education and someone who really loves them and can take care of them <3