We were given a warm and lovely welcome to the children´s village.

When we arrived to the home in October we celebrated all of their birthdays as some of them do not know their own date of birth. Here are some pictures from the birthday celebration 🙂 





Before I went on this trip I had moved from Oslo to Trondheim to save money. I was blessed to be working at a school while waiting for my departure to Uganda.

The children with the school bags from the Tomas school in Trondheim.

The school bags which you can see on this picture is given to the children from the school I worked at – Tomasskolen (The Tomas School). This children loved these bags! 😀 



Many of the children enjoy music and dancing. Here they are playing on their ´instruments´. As you can see they use what they have available. Inspiring!

The balloons were very popular.

Me with some of the kids at the home.  

The dining hall at the village under construction.

This is the building which we are hoping to finish this year. On the ground floor there is going to be a dining hall for the children and the mothers where they can eat their lunch and supper. This space will also work as a study for the children when it is finished. At the moment we are waiting fir the 2nd and 3rd floor to be finished. On the top floor, 3rd floor, there will be apartments where the older children, teenagers, can stay and it will also be used for visitors when they come. 


When done, this will be the dining all and a great place for the children to do their homework after school.

  As you can see this is a big building in the making and for us to able to finish it we are in desperate need of more funding. If you want to support this project you can use VIPPS to number: 81622 with the topic Kamuli Dining Hall. I will keep you updated on the process of the building 🙂 

The 2nd floor (the top floor at the moment) is a construction site as you can see. Hopefully the work will start again in February.