Yes! You saw correct!

25 of the children at the home are starting Secondary school, Form 1. This is great news! 😁👍 This means they have passed their exams and done a good job in Primary 7 😁 Jeebale nnyabo, ssebo! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Well done! I’m so glad I got to be around and say goodbye and good luck when some of the children were packing to go today. They will all leave for boarding school during this week. We will miss them a lot!

I can’t imagine that leaving for boarding school is easy on the children. They are still so young, But here in Uganda it is quite common for parents to send their children to boarding school from a young age and that’s their way.

Please pray for all those who are going! They need all the love and support they can get ☺ The 5 who left today are attending the same school. With this they can support each other and there will be familiar faces at the school, which is great! 😊

I will post some pictures tomorrow as I wasn’t able to upload them from my phone today. 

When students start Secondary there is a list with so many requirements which they have to bring with them when they come to the new school. Some of them are: your own mattress, bucket (for washing your clothes), bleach and even your own toilet paper…

It’s late here now so I’m off to bed! 😴Looking forward to another lovely day at both Bezallel (the primary school- we’re  moving the shelves to the library – exited!!!!!!) and I’m starting the sewing project at the children’s home tomorrow. So exited!!

The Best Is Yet To Come!

Please remember us in your prayers! 🙏☺❤