Reading for knowledge and pleasure 😀 

If you follow me on other social media you might have seen that I´m helping with organising the school´s library. I´m truly having a blast.

Today we got the big shelves from Middle Class´ classroom moved to the library (with some help as they were nailed into the concrete walls).

The shelves are massive here at the end of the classroom. And yes, they were filled with books which we have cleaned and organised in the library 🙂

The school has truly been blessed with book donations. Now it is just the organising left and using the books to its fullest. 😀 So happy for these children!

This is Teacher Rose. She teaches P1 and is the one in charge of the library. She´s a star (as are the other teacher for doing such a good job with the students at this school).

Teacher Rose also helped with the preparations.

The housing here in Africa is quite different from back home in Norway. Here we have salamanders/geckos and spiders coming in from every tiny (or big) crack they can find. Here Rose is removing all the cobwebs from the wood in the roof. 🙂

Everytime the kids had their break they came piling around to see all the books and wanting to have a chat. Notice that in this picture you can see that my knees are covered, which also means that I did not put sunscreen on that area..

Once a Norwegian, always a Norwegian… What does that mean you might wonder?

Well, as we live quite far North where it gets really cold and not too hot during the summer, we use every chance we get to enjoy the sunshine. Although it has to be said that I have been enjoying (and preferring the shade) because of this extreme heat due to this drought season which we are in. So as the Norwegian in me came out today, I sat outside in the sunshine for at least 7 hours straight cleaning and organising books. I did so because I wanted to be with the kids too.

Did someone say sunburned?  Note to self for tomorrow – DON´T wear a white t-shirt when you are dealing with very dirty books and remember to put a lot of sunscreen on…

BUT I must say I will be paying a price as I am very sunburned now (Yes, I put sunscreen on! SP30, but I only did it once on my arms, back and legs).

The children are very exited to soon get a proper working library and can get a book at their reading level. I feel awful every time I have to tell them to put the books back in the correct pile due to the different categories and levels they have already been organised in.

BUT those days will soon be over and the kids can enjoy as many books as they want 😀