Visitors from Grenland Folk High school. 

Grenland folk high school came to visit the MAP foundation here in Kamuli over a week ago. The group consisted of 14 students and 2 teachers. What an amazing group of people! They had rehearsed a dance for the children, which the children could join in on as well. I could tell that both the children and the students were having a blast due to the massive smiles on everyones faces 😀 

The day started off with a race between the children and the students. The race went from the children´s home to the school, Bezallel Prepatory Primary School. I have to say that I was quite impressed with both the children in P6 and P7, which were competing, and the students who ran in the heat. I think I would have passed out, but hopefully everyone came back all in one peace even though someone chose not to wear shoes when they were running. 


The reward of finishing the race – Juicy watermelom 🙂

The children put on a show for the visitors with songs, dances and poem reciting. It was beautiful! The visitors also had rehearsed a song, which I know many of you would know – ´Lean on me´. Because the children had shown them traditional African dances the students wanted to show them a dance which is used a lot in Norway – Swing dancing (no, it is not from Norway…). Two of the students swung themselves to the rhythms blasting from one of the speakers they had brought. The children was impressed and everyone joined in on the second song. All smiles 🙂 

The roof of one of the homes… The wind has shown some of its powers…

During the short time they had in Kamuli we also went out to remote areas of the village of Kamuli to hand out food to three of the families. The Ssempijja family together with their chuch have a food programme where they hand out food to very poor families whenever they can. The families we visited live in an area where there was a lot of wind. Their homes were what you may call mud huts (jordhytter). Here they use the excrements from the animals around and use it to build the walls. They also use tree poles for the foundation of the home. On the roof they use straw. Because of the wind in this area the roofs on their houses has blown off and has left big holes, so as the rain season now is approaching they are suffering from the rain coming on where they sleep. Please keep them in your prayers. 

Until next time – Weeraba 🙂