#Vi flyr for livet – MAF

MAF stands for Missionary Aviation Fellowship. Kind of a flying missionary. They fly in remote areas around the globe and have many airbases around in Africa. They also have a base here in Uganda – Kajjansi Airfield.

Over a week ago the Norwegian board of MAF came to visit the base at Kajjansi Airfield, which is just outside of Kampala. This was something I really was looking forward to as my uncle, Willy André Ludvigsen, was with them. He is the CEO for MAF Norway and they have their department in Oslo. I also got to go on a tour of the airfield at Kajjansi, and  I got to listen to all the amazing work the MAF-pilots do everyday.

You can see the MAF Hangar in the background where they also have the simulator. Amazing!

One of the things I find amazing with this NGO is that absolutely everything is funded by donations! This includes airplanes, simulators for training etc! They have managed to buy all the airplanes and they have hangars for fixing what needs fixing on the airplanes after difficult flights. Even airplanes need some TLC once in a while ;P

Eivind Johannes Lindtjørn is one of the Norwegian MAF pilots who serve in Africa. He lives in Kampala, Uganda, with his family, wife Nadia and their two lovely children. You can read more about Eivind here.

These are the board of MAF Norway and the MAF pilot Eivind who has his base here in Uganda. Truly inspiring!

If you want to read more about the work that MAF does around the world you can check out their website here. You can even donate a jerry can (a can of fuel for the airplanes).

While uncle and his team were in Uganda we also got to go on a drive to the Source of the Nile which is in Jinja. Although the Source of the Nile is only an hour south of Kamuli and I drive past it every time I drive to Kampala, I have never actually gone to see it. We went to the Source of the Nile Gardens. The owner of the place gave us information of the history behind the Nile and it’s origins – Lake Victoria.

Here are some fond memories from the meeting with the Norwegian MAF board on their visit here in Uganda.

Breakfast at Makindye Country Club, Kampala with the MAF Norway Board. Lucky me 🙂

Me and uncle at the Source of the Nile 🙂 I look a bit like Rambo with the head gear :/ Hahaha

We got to go outside by the airstrip. So exiting 😀

One of the airplanes MAF is flying 🙂 

One of my favourite things with uncle coming with the board was that he told so many stories about his father, my grandfather, Martin Annar Ludvigsen, which never got to meet any of his grandkids. He was a pilot in D.R. Congo when he disappeared in 1974. If you don´t know the story you can watch the documentary here (which is also made by uncle Willy). Oh how I love my family!