While the children are at school the mothers are at the MAPU Kamuli Children’s home. Here they prepare food, wash clothes and help keep the property tidy and safe for the children.

The children use school uniforms everyday at school, and they have specific uniforms for different days. These uniforms have been well used as you can see and many of them really need mending!

As a prayer answered we got a donation from Helgeland Sparebank to buy some sewing machines a while ago, which the mothers can use to mend the children´s clothes. It so happens that I love to sew and I would gladly teach them as well. By having this skill they would use less money at the tailor’s to mend and make clothes for the children, which is the main point in teaching them.


The mothers (or auntie´s as they are also called) have now had quite a few sewing hours and lessons where they have had to sew using different stitches, remembering not to hold on to the fabric as it’s supposed to go through the machine, and to go slow (Mpole mpole!) enough to get a good control over their stitches and where their fabric is going. We still have some left to go.. 

You have to learn how to thread a machine to be able to sew yourself 😛 They are doing a good job here.

Sewing straight isn´t as easy as it might look…

Sitting outside so they can see better 🙂

It is a lot of fun for the mothers to sew. They show a lot of appreciation and they are very eager to learn! 🙌👍 My new name here is now Teacher Rebecca, which I think is a okay 👌 😁



Tidying the box with crayons, pens and pencils etc while eating lunch and checking on their sewing.

While they are sewing I want to do something productive. As many of you know I like things to be tidy and organised, so I started tidying the children’s crayons/pencils etc while the mothers were sewing. I had to check in on them regularly of course to see the progress which won’t be far from the floor, or take long 😜

I will keep you updated on the process 😊

On Thursday, 8th March, the children weren’t at school as it was a Public holiday. So while the mothers were sewing the children got a drawing task – they were to draw what they wanted for their future, which job they would strive towards. Many of the children really impressed me with the details on their drawings 👌

These are really good kids who are striving to go somewhere big! I have so much faith in them and I’m praying for their future – may it be filled with joy, purpose and God’s love!